ALCO AFM Forming Machine

The ALCO AFM 250 Forming Machine is used for forming and portioning of different products like a patty, nuggets,shami kebab, etc by a mounding plate system. This machine can be fitted with any of the above mould or any other customized with a custom mould to produce a range of other formed products such as star nuggets, fish bites, meatballs to hamburgers and is suitable for any small/medium scale producer.

Features of Alco Forming Machine

  • Full stainless steel closed body construction

  • Swivel castor wheels with lockable brake

  • The product is fed to the filling passage via two feeding screws

  • Easy operation and cleaning

  • Easy changing of forming tools

  • Overall Dimensions are 1250 x 1150 x 2100 mm

  • Hopper Size is 60L to 200L

  • Mould Shape: Oval

  • Belt Width 180 mm to 250 mm

  • Voltage 400V 50Hz

  • Power   0.75 kW

  • Weight 300kg

  • Mould Shape Dimensions are 105 x 76 mm  X 9mm thick (max 17mm thick)

  • Up to 55 strokes/min

  • PLC touch controls 

  • Thickness 5-40mm