Labelling System

Product labelling

For all chubs, sausages in a chain and rings


Special separator design for gently clipping

Calibres up to 60 mm


Very easy operation


Suitable clip sizes: S 628/632


Loops: GS 22

For product diameters from 75 mm to 160 mm


Processing of collagen, cellulose, vegetable and SUN F films


Up to 30 pieces per minute

Net Film Applicator

Net/Film Application

Labelling System

Product labelling

Tamper-proof product marking


Batch tracing


Individual up-to-date data


Retrofitting possible any time


Can be combined with the PDC and PDC-A

For all artificial and natural casings, bags and nets


Stainless steel and industrial plastics, 100% corrosion resistant 


Special version for thin natural casings


Suitable clip sizes: S 522 / 524 / 526 / 528 / 532


Natural and protein casings

Labelling System

Product labelling

Tamper proof labeling showing product information and origins, with batch traceability assured through individualized and up-to-date information


Fulfills all of the demands of the European Food Information (LMIV)


Retrofitting possible any times


Designed for clipping machines of the Easy Clip Line® EZ 4500/600/700 and EZ P 600/700

Up to 15 packages per minute at each clipping station


Hocking, bagging, vacuuming and clipping in one system


Staff savings due to optimized operation


Processing follows the FIFO principle


Packages all types of poultry

Poultry Packaging Station

Modular for packaging lines

Vacuum System

Shrink packaging

For vacuuming bags


Especially suitable for poultry


Horizontal or vertical vacuum nozzle is possible


Can be expanded and combined modularly

Poultry Shrink Tunnel

Shrink packaging

Automatic throughput tunnel for continuous shrinking processes


For all products packed in shrink bags


For snug, aesthetically attractive packaging


Especially suitable for packing poultry

Modular Conveyor System

Versatile application

Modular plastic belts are customisable


Wide choice of application-oriented conveyor solutions


High cleaning efficiency


High level of food safety


Increased efficiency and reduced costs as a result of optimised solutions

Oxygen Filling Machine

Ornamental fish in bags

Oxygen filling for safe transport of ornamental fish in bags


Quick and smooth operation


Suitable for transport bags in numerous materials and sizes


Optional packaging with clip closure – air-tight and hygienic

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