Snack Food

Variety of Traditional & Mass producible snacks for trade and industry

We offer process solutions in combination with flexible auxiliary devices for an efficient and yet high-quality production of the most versatile applications for the confectionery industry: from soft product consistencies, such as potato paste, or firm products, such as marzipan, through to innovative product ideas, such as snacks in chains, cubes, blocks or bars. Our complete systems ensure maximum flexibility and a particularly precise filling and portioning performance for the forming, dosing, cutting or linking .

Spring Roll Line
Momos Line
Samosa Line
Bujia Line
Tortilla Line
Veg/Chicken Kurkre Line
Cooking Kettle
Chips Line
Dough Divider
Dough Sheeter
Hygiene Equipment
Deck Oven
Hydraulic Filler
Vegetable Mincer
Vacuum Filler
Vacuum Packing
Ball Forming
Pizza base maker
IQF/Spiral Freezer
Dough kneader/Mixer
Potato Peeling Line
Vegetable Dicer
Combi Oven
For Filled in Products
Vegetable Slicer
Forming Line
Flake Ice
Ribbon Mixer
Vegetable shredder
Bowl Chopper
Cooking Vat
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