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Automatic Sausage Loader

40% productivity increase



Efficient loading of smoke trolleys with smoke sticks up to 1,050 mm length, or upon request


Automation line consisting of ASL-R and FCHL 160 Automatic Clipping/Hanging Machine

Continuous production

Net Film Applicator

Net/Film Application


FCHL 160

All-in-one machine – automatic clipping with simultaneous looping, automatic hanging, and positioning on the smoke stick


Efficiency increases thanks to a marked manpower reduction and higher throughput on the filling line


Optimum smoke stick loading for optimum utilization of smoking and cooking plant capacity


Calibre range 38 – 100 mm

Clipping / Hanging Machine

Save up to 20%



Machine combination for clipping with simultaneous looping and automatic hanging and positioning on the smoke stick


Efficiency increase for smaller and medium production volumes


Very easy coupling


Calibre range 38 – 65 mm, and up to 105 mm when used as single machine



Automatic packaging of poultry in bags for reduced manpower


Processes bags from a wicket


Up to 18 bags per minute


Suitable clip sizes (spool): S 4526, P 632, P 638

Automatic Poultry Loading

Bagging and closing

Poultry Packaging Station

Modular for packaging lines



shrink wrap machine for food packaging

Up to 15 packages per minute at each clipping station


Hocking, bagging, vacuuming and clipping in one system


Staff savings due to optimized operation


Processing follows the FIFO principle


Packages all types of poultry

Poultry Shrink Tunnel

Shrink packaging



Automatic throughput tunnel for continuous shrinking processes


For all products packed in shrink bags


For snug, aesthetically attractive packaging


Especially suitable for packing poultry

Modular Conveyor System

Versatile application

Modular Conveyor System Versatile application


Modular plastic belts are customisable


Wide choice of application-oriented conveyor solutions


High cleaning efficiency


High level of food safety


Increased efficiency and reduced costs as a result of optimised solutions

Automatic packaging line for tray packaging
Minimum give-away



Sorting and packaging of e. g. chicken inner fillets


Optimisation of packaging process thanks to innovative product flow


Increased efficiency thanks to reduced number of picks – only products requiring re-sorting are picked by the robot


Cost benefits and space saving thanks to reduced robot deployment – just one robot is needed instead of three

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