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Automatic Electric Cooking vat Model: - REA-505 Ltr

Features of the REA-electric commercial Cooking Vat series:

  • Greater kW electric power, a leader in the industry, improves cooking times.

  • High quality oversized stainless steel heating elements.

  •  Time required to heat chamber filled with cold water from 20°C to 90ºC: <85 minutes if the thermal transfer fluid is cold; or <55minutes if thermal transfer fluid is hot (less if filled with pre-heated water).

  • Two taps built into the front for direct filling with either hot or cold water. The ability to fill with hot water significantly reduces cooking time.

  •  An Echtermann-Germany hinge allows the cover to effortlessly open, close, move and remain open at any angle 20-85º.

  • Safety front draining tap to prevent accidental opening.

  •  Two internal safety thermostats: one automatic and adjustable; the other fixed with manual reset.

  • Greatly reduced manufacturing time: normally 1-2 days only. Free wooden pallet & plastic packaging. Opt wooden crate.

Other advanced features of cooking vat:

  • All stainless steel AISI304 construction, including interior, no common steel parts.

  • All models include an intermediate stainless steel thermal oil chamber, internal expansion chamber, Shell high-performance thermal fluid, and internal drainage tap. The thermal oil chamber allows uniform heat distribution for better cooking and practically eliminates the possibility of burning foods.

  • All models have an Aditec-Germany control unit, mounted on a 7m separate switchboard that allows precise programming of time & temperature, including delayed program start at any desired time & day.

  •  A buzzer alerts at the end of the cycle.

  • The container’s rounded corners make for easy cleaning of both the exterior and interior.

  • NGI Denmark s/s rounded and adjustable feet to precisely level the cooker.

  • Legs provide 34 cm floor clearance for perfect cleaning.

  • High-quality silicone foam-covered gasket.

  • Sides and covers are isolated with fireproof fiberglass and aluminum sheathing

  •   Fireproof silicone wiring.

  • Flue to exhaust combustion gases/smoke is not required. Easy installation: electrical (3-phases + 1-phase + Ground) and access to hot/cold water and floor drain.

Technical Specifications of Commercial cooking Vat:

Model Power                                                REA-505 liters

Watt Amp                                                      27,000

400V Amp                                                     35 A

Heat Elem                                                      6

External Dimensions (WxDxH)(cm)             172x107x111

Internal Dimensions (WxDxH)(cm)              136x70x54

Thermal Fluid                                                97 lit/84 kg

Weight                                                           448


Electric Commercial Cooking Vat 



  • Cooking Vat for Commercial use

  • Electric cookers are more common than gas cookers because they are easier to install, operate and maintain (requiring only an annual check of the thermal fluid).

  • No exhaust flue for combustion gases/smoke or other special on-site construction is required.

  • Available in 165, 250, 335, 505, 725 LITRES

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Gas Commercial Cooking Vat 



  • Despite higher procurement, installation, and maintenance costs when compared to electric cookers, gas cookers operate at a lower cost per kcal than their electric counterparts.

  • Available in 165, 250, 335, 505, 725 LITRES 

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FESSMANN Best Price Smoke House


For more than 30 years, we have been supplying smoke house for processing and refining meat, sausage and fish.
Our solutions offer less weight loss, short process times and best economic efficiency. Our customers most of all value the continually reproducible form and quality, as well as the uniform flavour. We have 1-Trolley Smoke House,  2-Trolley Smoke House, 3-Trolley Smoke house at the best price. Get to know about smoke house price call us.

T 1900 T 3000

Available in:-

  • 1-Trolley Smoke House

  • 2-Trolley Smoke House

  • 3-Trolley Smoke house

Helia Cooking Oven



Available in various capacity:-

  • 12 trouts weighing 500 g each
    4 chickens

  • 24 trouts weighing 500 g each
    8 chickens

Dr. Froeb India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most prominent names of the food industry engaged in providing an optimum quality Commercial Combi Oven in India, Nepal, & Shri Lanka. These Combi Oven in Nepal is well known in the market for its easy operation. High-quality material is utilized in the manufacturing of this Combi Oven in India. We offer our products in the market at the prices.

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