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Vegan mince, as the basis of vegan formed products, is a finely ground product, consisting essentially of plant proteins, water, vegetable fats and oils, spices, binding agents, colorings, and aromas. In order to give vegan mince a meat-like texture, the plant proteins are mainly used in the textured form. Textured, plant-based starches and fibers are also used in such products.

Some products also contain edible mushrooms. In vegetarian mince, chicken egg or milk components may also be used as ingredients. Modern vegan formed products from vegan mince are offered either raw or pre-cooked. Both variants are easily perishable and are therefore offered refrigerated or frozen

Scope of Vegan and Meat Substitute 

Vegetarian and vegan diets are gaining importance worldwide. Consumers' interest in plant-based meat options has steadily increased, along with vegetarian/vegan and flexitarian people. Hence the category of vegetable products on offer has become firmly established on the market. Use the technique in response to current market needs and to make a versatile selection of vegetarian and vegan products or meat substitutes.

The excellent parting accuracy provided by our patented vane Cell feed system is the key to a significant cost reduction and maximum product quality - from classic products with the potential to gain new market shares - new and innovative product ideas. It must be filled, parted, cool, formed, co-excluded, or connected: there is plenty of scope for vegetarian/vegan products.

 Burger Patty Hamburger Making Machine 

vegan machine

The RVF 420 S round pre is the perfect solution to start with the high demand trend and efficient production of convenience products. Because RVF 420 is a system for a wide variety of products and round Shapes such as burger making machine, burger patty hamburger making machine, vegan food machine, veggie burger making machine, soya burger making machine.   

Product quality through burger making machine with diaphragm

With a diaphragm size between 10 and 94 mm, the RVF 420 Round EX features a wide variety of products and sizes. Effective form accuracy is ensured by a diaphragm with a full-fitting shape. Continuous production with maximum weight accuracy enables up to 150 parts per minute.

Modular structure for a large variety of vegetarian mince machine options

The modular structure of the system allows for further options - 446 conveyor belts for the transport of products formed for downstream processing stages and the integration of a flat belt for burger production with homemade quality.

vegan machine technical details

How are Vegan Products Produced by the Vegan Mince Machine?

In the production of Vegan mince, process technology from meat processing is used. Preparation of the initial product involves grinding, mixing, and dispersing processes. For this, mainly cutters and grinders, but ultra-fine grinders and mixing techniques are used. When using dry protein texture (TVP) or fiber, these must be rehydrated first. So the raw materials are often mixed with water in separate containers and left for several hours a day before production. If wet-textured proteins are used (HME or HMMA), pre-swelling is not required due to the high water content.

vegan machine products
Vegan Machine products

Automatic burgers and nugget making machines

We are counted among the best and elite array of Automatic burger and nugget forming machine. These machines are used for making cheese and food puffs more efficiently. They are safe to use and very quick to perform these functions. These machines are sourced from the best vendors in the market. The cost of these machines is very economical.

Advantage of  Vegan Processing Plant 


Well-built product with impressive appearance accuracy and maximum weight accuracy.

Wide variety of products due to large range of sizes: spherical, conical, and oval products

High production output with 150 parts per minute

Flexibility due to modular system technology: conveyor belt with the flat belt on choice

Simple handling with performance-oriented and efficient modes of operation

Produce first-class products with the Falafel forming system

Falafel Machine Products - After the burger, donor kebabs, and sushi, a new, real street food trend is developing worldwide.  Be a part of this latest consumer trend and make sure you have your share of success. The future is "fast-casual". A new type of fast food outlet and a snack bar that focuses on high-quality ingredients and homemade food.

RVF 760 - Vacuum filler vegan machine

Deep-fried falafel products are actually taking off in the shape of balls or burgers made with pureed beans or chickpeas, herbs, and spices. And Dr. Froeb India Pvt. Ltd. offers you the top brand and right technology falafel Machine for the production of these types of trendy products.

Vegan falafel

Well-formed falafel products economically and accurately produced chickpea with vacuum filler and FS520 falafel machine system. With the vacuum filler parts fixed to the hull and chickpea, the FS520 falafel machine ensures well-made and dimly stabilized products. In a variety of shapes, such as burgers, balls, and "crochet-shaped" products.

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