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In-line rapid defrosting Machine

cis based on radio frequency technology which allows for minimizing drip losses and minimizes product degradation due to bacterial growth. This rapid, uniform, and controlled heating method provides great flexibility in production scheduling and is the ideal solution for multiple tempering, softening, and defrosting processes.

Benefits of defrosting equipment
• In-line process
• Defrosting in minutes
• Higher product yield
• Outstanding product quality
• No drip loss, no product degradation
• High energy efficiency and short process time
• Uniform and controlled treatment
• Less floor space, the reduced process cost
• Baking and post-baking processing
• Rapid defrosters for meat "COLDWAVE+
• Rapid defrosters for fish and seafood "COLDWAVE+"
• Rapid defrosters for vegetables, fruits, and other products "COLDWAVE+


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