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Emulsifier /fine grinder

Emulsifier  Fine Grinder.png
VS 125

Finest crushing and emulsification of many foods

The machine works according to the principle (before cutting knife/worm knife/stator cutting ring)

Without friction and with low temperature.

This small machine is suitable for small production


  • Sauces e.g. mayonnaise, ketchup, dressing...

  • Milk products such as cream or cream ...

  • Paste e.g. tomato paste, peanut paste, nut paste…

  • Chop up meat, e.g. boiled sausage and boiled sausage meat, rinds...

  • Produce powder e.g. spices...

  • And much more.

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MicroKing_Eng (1)_page-0003.jpg
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