FS 510 Forming System for Nuggets Making

For multi-lane forming with a flow divider on the conveyor belt or rack/trays. It is called Soya Nuggets Making Machine, Veggie Nuggets Making Machine, Veggie burger making machine, Aloo Patty Making Machine, veggie sausages machine, cookies making machine, Cevapcici making machine, cheese ring making machine, and pet food pellet making machine also.

Automatic soya nuggets making machines can automatically complete filling, forming, discharging, and other processes of food raw materials, and sizing machine, powder dispersing machine, frying machine, cooking machine, quick processing Can be combined with equipment. Freezing machine, and packaging machine to make automatic veggie nuggets production line. It has a high yield and stable quality.

The Powder Spreading Machine is suitable for coating a thin layer of pre-powder to pieces of seed flour and medium bread pieces to fine bread crumbs. When the product passes through the transmission network belt, the covered conveyor belt and the powder scattered on it are uniformly coated with a layer of powder or mixed powder.

Diversity and efficiency thanks to multi-lane Forming Machine 

The 510 formation system is perfectly suited for the multi-lane production of formed products of different cross-sections and feed materials. Long, flat, cylindrical, disc-shaped, cube, square, and star-shaped product sizes, to name but a few, are possible on lanes 6 to 24, with product diameters up to 80 mm and product lengths from 20 mm. It is highly productive with mold components at the industrial level.can be a good choice for some meat process factories, for restaurant use, and fast food use.

Product quality with high productivity of Nuggets Making Machine 

It performed separately directly at the outlet, either with wire or blade; It is seamless and linear for product speed. The desired product shape is created using mold components positioned at the outlet. The benign process also has the quality of the first-class product.

Forming Machine can adapt to the nuggets product easily and flexibly

Long, dimly stabilized, skinless products can be produced on racks and trays or carried on a conveyor belt and transferred to a downstream system for further processing. Nuggets Forming Machine can be done on 6 to 24 lanes, and the product can be disassembled using a blade or wire. Therefore the FS 510 Nuggets Making Machine can be flexibly adapted to suit a variety of production standards.

Advantages of Nuggets Machine

High output up to 250 cycles per minute
Maximum weight accuracy per lane and product due to the servo-driven flow divider
Wide variety of products due to large range of sizes

First-class quality due to optimum product appearance for soft processing and travel blades
Very short conversion time during product conversion

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