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Industrial Patty & Nuggets Making Machine

Dr. Froeb India Pvt. Ltd has supplied the food processing machine since 1973, almost 40 years. We are the largest importer of Food Processing & Packaging Equipment in India and have the topmost brands of hamburger patty nuggets making machines that you can afford at the best price in India. We represent more than 30 companies from Europe & USA, and with a market share of 85% for the supply of food/meat processing and packaging equipment. We have all types of processing and handling equipment for the food industry, we have qualified, experienced Sales and Engineering teams.

We are committed to building lasting relationships with each and every customer, which allows us to provide you with the equipment that's best suited to your needs. We work closely with our clients to understand who they are and what they need, including their budget and space, to deliver a solution that drives their company forward. Our world-class food processing equipment improves efficiency, hygienic standards, and financial viability. Our goal is to reduce your costs, increase sales, and improve quality and hygiene.

We are supplying not only forming machine but the entire processing line which includes conveyors, pre duster, battering, batter mixer, breading, fryer for further processing to mincer, mixer, bowl chopper, etc for pre-processing.

Industrial Patty & Nugget Making Machine

Hamburger patty / Nuggets making machine

A hamburger patty/ Nugget forming machine is used to form several hamburger patties/ Nuggets automatically i.e. without the use of hands. This machine can automatically form patties, nuggets, sticks, balls, Shammi kebab, etc by changing different moulds for making different shapes such as round, square, triangular, oval, heart shapes, and so on. Besides fast-food restaurants, distribution centers, and food factories, the patty forming machine is also ideal for the meat and vegetable processing industries.

Automatic burger forming machines can automatically make different shapes, such as chicken legs, fish, and nuggets. A mix of emulsion and whole pieces is used to prepare meat or minced meat, semi-solid dough, potatoes, vegetables, fish dough, or any valuable product that is to be molded. Products can be made lighter or heavier while still maintaining the same shape by adjusting the thickness in the Mold. The patty machine and meatball machine were originally developed to meet the needs of small and medium industries but subsequently provided models that could cater to smaller daily productions while maintaining the same quality features.

This hamburger forming machine is ideal for mass production of hamburgers, patties, round sticks, or special shapes, with adjustable weights, with red or white meats, and also mixed with other ingredients. This Meat forming machine can be produced in hamburger patty, chicken nuggets, cutlets, chicken sticks or beef, chicken fillets, fish fillets, pumpkins, etc. It used the large, medium, and small industries. The CE653 fully automatic commercial burger Making machine is capable of producing 2,100 patties per hour.

You will notice that the Patty forming machine can easily help to increase your productivity. This hamburger Patty forming machine is constructed of stainless steel anodized aluminum. The capacity of producing 2,100 patties per hour. It can Great return on investment, you can create a variety of patties, and the best Patty forming machine can easily create multiple types of burgers. So you are not limited to a single type of burger, which is always a very good thing to have. You just need to find the right type of burgers as you see fit. There are forming molds for a variety of patties that you can make oval, natural, square, heart, or round, It is very suitable for commercial/industrial use.

The initial investment in a patty nuggets making machine can be a bit high, but it will have a tremendous return on investment, You will get to create lots of patties and that will help boost your productivity. It really is an astonishing opportunity and one that does tend to pay off quite a lot. The machine automatically creates burgers and meatballs patty, hamburgers, and nuggets of any weight from minced meat. It is fast, low-noise, safe, reliable, compact and easy to maintain, and very easy to use. There are many combinations that can be used, including soya and chicken with breadcrumbs, eggs, vegetables, cheese, spices, fish, biscuit dough, etc. It is used in meat packing processing plants and Forming Line, supermarkets and hypermarkets, food-processing plants, company canteens and catering services, and collective dining facilities. A fast, quiet, reliable, compact, and easy-to-clean patty former.

This is ideal for butchers, hypermarkets, food processors, fast food restaurants, hotels and catering, and so on establishments. It automatically produces either patties or balls of the correct weight thanks to an adjustable forming cylinder. Patties and balls are always the same weight throughout the whole process. The forming cylinder can be changed to create different shapes, including squares and ovals, which can be customized to suit the customer's needs. In this, we are talking only about the 653 models but we have various models according to your need and requirements. This is the best machine in the meatball production line.

The stainless steel tank is completely removable to facilitate cleaning. All the components that come into contact with meat or the other mixtures are approved for use with foods, in compliance with the HACCP procedure. Different molds are given in this Patty and Hamburger Making Machine to make it in different shapes and sizes. it comes in these different shapes for burgers: - Burger Shape Drum in the size of Ø 90 mm or Ø 100 mm or Ø 110 mm or Ø 120 mm, Meat Ball Drum (36mm), customized burger drum can be adjusted to increase or decrease the depth of the burger, this is the adjustable size of Drum according to your needs, in this Burger Making Machine having Different options according to the customer need like Foot Control, Paper Interlever, Extended Conveyor, 40 Liter Hopper, Automatic Scrapper, Variable Speed, etc.

Features of a hamburger forming machine

  • High productive capacity: better organization of work, higher efficiency

  • AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum structure

  • Sturdy removable transparent display window and cover made of shockproof methacrylate.

  • In this machine, the productivity is 2100 pcs/hr

  • AISI 304 stainless steel feed box: 23-liter capacity

  • Interchangeable forming rollers with food-safe polyethylene ejector

  • Provided with a standard roller and two scrapers: a ribbon scraper for red meat and a wire scraper for white meat or fish.

  • There is three-phase motor is 0,75 (1) kW(HP)

  • And the Single phase motor is 0,65 (0,9) kW(HP)

  • Safe! Codified magnetic micro-switches and safety guards to prevent access to moving parts.

  • The model with forming roller for two meatballs: 4,200 meatballs/h

  • Thickness may be easily adjusted to obtain the desired weight

  • Conveyor belt

  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning all the parts in contact with food: feed pan blades, forming roller, and conveyor.

  • Conveyor belt; materials suitable for contact with food

  • Codified magnetic safety limit switches

  • Electric components with IP 55 protection

  • Machine in conformity with hygiene and safety regulations.

  • Standard and special forming cylinders

  • Portion thickness is easy to adjust.

  • Automatic wrapping device

  • Foot control

  • These are certified materials for food contact.

  • Speed adjustment from 780 to 4300 burgers/hour

  • Special voltages, 60 Hz


  • A commercial burger making machine is used to cook several hamburger patties by changing different molds for making different shapes and sizes as you need. You will notice that the patty-forming machine can easily help to increase your productivity. You’re not limited to creating a single burger at a time but in this machine, you can do it. It really helps you quite a lot, as your business will grow and you can cope with the increasing demand as you go along.

  • You can actually do around 2100 hamburgers an hour, so the production value is amazing. As you can see, getting a Burger forming machine is a very good investment for your business. You will be amazed by how much this can help your company. If you want to do the best production in the best quality then this machine will be best for you. This hamburger patty forming machine is very suitable for your business needs and your budget.

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