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Meat Processing



The RHS 230 Vacuum filler is height-adjustable and thus easy to set to the height of the vacuum filler or the RKS 85.
Can be attached to all filling machines of series RVF 400 S, RVF 700, and RVF 911.
Short set-up times, efficient work


Large rotary vane conveyor system for gentle transport
Modern servo drive concept for accurate portioning
„S“ variant with servo-twisting drive
Folding hopper variants: 100 L, 160 L, 250 L und 350 L
Lifting/tipping device for 120- and 200-litre standard lifting trucks
Simple, user-friendly touch screen operation


A single-row dumpling shaper for perfect forming.
The rounded dumplings are then placed onto the conveyor belt. The form rollers are available in various diameters for a range of dumpling sizes. Beautifully round dumplings can be created from meat, potato, bread and various other food products.


 It is suitable for flexible dosing of liquid or pasty masses in a wide variety of applications in food production – in cups, trays, jars, and cans, or as portioning of toppings on finished products.
Little space required – fits conveniently on any table
Sturdy stainless steel design
Quick system cleaning
Simple assembly and disassembly; tool-free product change
Portion volumes can be selected freely via the filling machine
Radius of action about 1.5-2 m

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