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Hamburger Forming Machine at the best price in India

This automatic hamburger forming machine is ideal for mass production of hamburgers, patties, round sticks, or special shapes with adjustable weight, red or white meats, also mixed with other ingredients. High productivity: up to 2100 cycles/hour. All forming machine models in this line are equipped with a fully retractable patented stainless steel chamber and components that come into contact with meat or other mixtures are certified food safe in compliance with the HACCP process (read ››). Some models have an outfeed belt that can be attached to other automated packaging systems. Maximum cleanliness, ease of use, and cleanliness for operators. The machines comply with EC hygiene and safety standards.

All the machines presented here are already installed to fit the system for managing and monitoring Nemosi (Nexus Monitoring System ») by DSC Nexus, especially adopted by Minerva Omega Group.

automatic patty former; 2100 cycles/hour

Fast, noiseless, safe and reliable, compact easy to clean. These patty former models are ideal equipment for butchers, super and hypermarkets, food processors, fast food, canteens, and catering centers.

Fed with mince, they can automatically produce patties or balls of desired weight as they can be adjusted thanks to the forming cylinder. Various ingredients such as chicken, fish can be processed into a combination of grated bread, eggs, cheese, soy, and spices. Biscuit dough can also be shaped easily. The pre-established weight of patties and balls remains constant throughout the working cycle; A very important issue for food processors, packaging plants, and catering centers where the amount of product per portion must be as accurate as possible; One of the most valuable aspects.

Different shapes can be obtained by simply changing the forming cylinder: square, oval, customized according to customer needs.

automatic hamburger forming machine

Reliabilities of hamburger forming machine

  • Structure in stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

  • Exchangeable cylinder made in Delrin®, one or two shapes. Provided with a standard forming cylinder and a scraper.

  • Certified materials for food contact.

  • Standard conveyor belt

  • Portion thickness is easy to adjust.

  • Constant weight.

  • Safe! Codified magnetic micro-switches and safety guards to prevent access to moving parts.

  • Paddles, forming a cylinder, and product feed hopper easy removable for cleaning and maintaining.

  • User-friendly transparent methacrylate window and cover.

  • Electric plant in ip55 box.

  • Maximum Security! Our hamburger-making machine is equipped with all the useful equipment to enhance the safety level; The glass panel covers all the moving parts and gives maximum visibility of the process.

  • The stainless steel tank is completely removable to facilitate cleaning. All components that come into contact with meat or other mixtures are approved for use with foods in compliance with the HACCP process. if you want to know the burger patty machine price call us.


Feed pan capacity 23ltr

Productivity 2100 pcs/h

Voltage V230 / 1 / 50Hz

Single Phase Motor 0.65 (0.9) kW (HP)

Shape Ø Max 120mm

Configuration Standard Configuration (no cylinders or other accessories included)

PFA Special automatic scraper device (pneumatic system needed compressed air min 4 bar; instead of the standard manual system)

Cylinder Delrin cylinder hamburger shape (round shape) Ø 90mm

Net Weight 50 kg

Options of hamburger forming machine:

a) Burger Shape Drum

Size: Burger shape Ø 90 mm or Ø 100 mm or Ø 110 mm or Ø 120 mm

b) Meat Ball Drum

Size: 38mm

c) Customized Drum

d) Foot Control

e) Paper Interlever

f) Extended Conveyor

g) 40 Liter Hopper

h) Automatic Scrapper

i) Variable Speed

The meatball production line is mainly used to produce chicken meatballs, shrimp balls, fish balls, pork meatballs, etc. The complete meatball production line includes a meat grinding machine, frozen meat slicer, stuffing mixer, meat chopper, meatball machine, meatball machine, meatball frying machine. To know more details click on the given link above.

The automatic multi-function Meat forming machine is amazing food processing equipment that performs various functions such as meat filling and forming. For More details click on the given link above.

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Some of the clients associated with us is Chatha Foods Pvt. Ltd., AP Explochem Pvt. Ltd., BIG 'N' Foods, Central Agricultural University, Ample Foods Pvt. Ltd., Amroon Foods Pvt. Ltd., Arambagh Hatcheries Ltd., Arpit Enterprises, Assam Agricultural University, Aussi Foods Pvt. Ltd., Bhanu Enterprises, Castle Rock Fisheries Pvt. Ltd, Convenio Foods International Pvt. Ltd., Costa & Company Pvt. Ltd., Dabon International Pvt. Ltd, Darshan Foods Pvt. Ltd., Department of Animal Product Technology, Devakantha Commercial Pvt. Ltd. (Reliance Retail), and numerous others. Nevertheless, we are instrumental in offering the client’s a quality array of machines, which includes Slaughter House and Slaughter House Equipment, Artificial Casing, Meat Processing Machinery, and Tray & Vacuum Packaging Machine.

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