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Vegan / Meat Balls Former Machine

 balls Former machine

Pintro balls Former machine is ideal for the production of large quantities of meatballs of different weights and sizes. This machine allows choosing sizes from small soup balls to medium-sized patties or Snack type meatballs. It is easily able to switch from a small size to a bigger one. It’s recommended for small and medium enterprises.

Features of Meat Balls Former Machine

• Hygienic

• High capacity

• Steady weight

• Traditional looking product

• Choose from different weights

• Meatball weight: 2gr to 45gr

• Capacity: up to 11kg / minute

• Product: traditional-style and even

• Application: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables..

• Easy to switch from a small size to a bigger one.

• It’s safe to use and very quick to perform these functions.

• Can be used in combination with most types of sausage fillers

 balls Former machine

The Ø18mm calibre produces ±4gr meatballs reaching a total weight of ±195kg/hour.

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