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Commercial/Industrial Bowl Chopper for the food industry

Dr. Froeb India Pvt. Ltd has supplied food processing and packaging machines since 1973, almost 40 years. We are the largest importer of Food Processing & Packaging Equipment in India and have the topmost brands for Bowl Chopper that you can afford at the best Bowl Cutter prices in India. We represent more than 30 companies from Europe & USA and with a market share of 85% for the supply of food meat/Vegan processing and packaging equipment.

We have all types of processing and handling equipment for the food industry, we have qualified, experienced Sales and Engineering teams. We are committed to building lasting relationships with each and every customer, which allows us to provide you with the equipment that's best suited to your needs. We work closely with our clients to understand who they are and what they need, including their budget and space, to deliver a solution that drives their company forward. Our world-class food processing equipment improves efficiency, and enhances hygienic standards and financial viability. Our goal is to reduce your costs, increase sales, and improve quality and hygiene.

In the commercial food industry, it is used for large restaurants and industrial kitchens. It is the industry's favourite tool to chop meat and vegetables. Commercial Chopper are called by different names such as meat bowl cutter, Vegetable Chopper, Buffalo Chopper, Electric Bowl Chopper, Commercial Food Cutter etc. These High-Efficiency Cutters sizes from 15 liter bowl capacity upto 1000 ltrs. They are used for production of boiled, dried, and cooked sausage, the universally applicable machine can also chop, mix, and emulsify fresh meat, pre-cut frozen meat, cooked meat, fish, vegetables, and plant-based meat substitutes.

The commercial bowl chopper has its own unique feature with the help of which the cutter works and cut vegetables or meats with easy and convenience. In a bowl chopper, only the blade is changed for different applications and tasks. Its functions are very simple and successful for chopping and mixing. It is being used all over the commercial plants. It is presented by the enclosed gear and concealed chopping blades and knife. The body is composed of solid stainless steel. Most of this industrial bowl chopper has a shut-off button for enhanced safety when the lid is opened.

Bowl chopper Machine consists of a stainless steel bowl into which vegetables/Meat are carefully placed. The bowl helps to hold veggies and food and rotate during the cutting process. Our bowl cutters / bowl choppers are made of high quality stainless steel with high blade speeds and extra thick bowls made from cast stainless steel. The bowl cutter's knife speed in conjunction with the rotation speed of the bowl can be used to produce a variety of products such as ground pork and beef, hamburgers and beef burger mixes, skin emulsion used in vegetables & poultry products. Chopping vegetables, salads, and fresh pork sausage mixes, as well as processing cheese.

A multi-blade and knife are used to rotate the bowl in the same direction as the back joint. In this method, fruit and vegetables are put through a fixed blade that spins, and the procedure is repeated until the material is sliced to the desired size. The new range of Bowl Cutter machines is equipped with variable speed. This means the machines can be set for the right RPM for your product. It runs from a 3ph power supply. Bowl Cutter comes with a 7" touchscreen control panel that shows knife speed, temperature, and elapsed time. With the Bowl Cutter, you can control the current time or the elapsed time using a programmable automatic stop.it starts from the temperature range. With a capacity of 30 liters, this bowl cutter can process soft meat or products weighing between 5 and 22 kg.The 3 knives come as standard on the Bowl Cutter.

Bowl cutters can be equipped with 6-knife heads as an option, and the blades can be easily removed for cleaning. The bowl cutter features a closed base and is incredibly easy to clean, making the bowl chopper more hygienic. Bowl cutters come with emergency stop buttons, quiet Poly-V belts, electronic drives, and overload protection. The motor of the bowl cutter has low consumption, which makes it more efficient. The bowl cutter is made from high-quality stainless steel with a solid stainless steel bowl and lid. On the bottom of the bowl cutter, there are four vibration-absorbing feet that can be adjusted. The Industrial bowl chopper has a blade cover which is helped with a pneumatic piston to consider simple opening, and when opened the blades naturally shut off. The machine comes included with a digital mixing thermometer, just like the rest of the bowl cutters.

Features of a Commercial Bowl Chopper-

Industrial Bowl Chopper

It has a 7″ digital touch screen that displays knife motion, temperature, and time.

There is variable speed control and four-speed preselection buttons.

Temperature and/or elapsed time can be used to program an automatic stop.

It has an emergency shutdown button.

Removable 3-knife head, which can be upgraded to a 6-knife head.

Made entirely of stainless steel, Strong, all-stainless-steel construction, with a solid stainless-steel bowl and lid.

Thick cast stainless steel bowl.

High-quality BE-GW Stephens (Germany) knife.

Large openings in the machine frame. Machine feet that are adjustable, non-slip, and vibration-absorbing.

Temperature sensor C/F located in the cavity of lid: precise temperature measurement of mix during operation.

Knife lid assisted by the pneumatic piston (Bowl Cutter), knives automatically stop when the lid is opened.

There is a noise protection cover that is transparent.

Removable friction lid/bowl band with self-adjusting streams for easy cleaning.

It is very easy to lift for cover.

The screws are all stainless steel & Water drain screw

The detachable bowl covering, knives, and bowl are all easy to clean.

Motor with electronic drive and overload protection. Low consumption.


A commercial bowl chopper serves as an essential tool not only for cutting vegetables, but also for cutting meats, fruits, dried fruits, and other types of food within minutes. An electrical Bowl Cutter can reduce production time by combining mixing and cutting in one step. Additional components, such as cover heating or direct steam injection can reduce production time even further. Hence, if you prepare a large number of meals each day and every day then you definitely need to buy commercial vegetable chopper!


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