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What are the benefits of using commercial bowl cutters in the Food Industries?

What are the benefits of using Bowl Cutters in the Food Industries?

commercial bowl cutter

Seydelmann Bowl Cutters produces high efficiency for the food industry with cutter capacity between 200 and 750. High-speed machines guarantee first-class material cutting and emulsion mixing. Fine emulsions have a higher protein yield, thereby optimizing water absorption and reducing the amount of seasoning needed, as more of the meat's own substance supplies flavor.

The compact, seamless and essentially solid stainless steel design with rounded edges and polished, downward sloping surfaces make Seydelmann Bowl Cutter Machines a strong, long-lasting, and practical top-class product.

Bowl cutter sizes 200 - 1000 liters equipped with vacuum functions are available for the food industry.

With a vacuum-cutter, the air is removed during the cutting process. Avoiding the entry of oxygen prevents the proliferation of microorganisms in the emulsion and reduces the number of bacteria. The shelf life of the product is extended. The oxidation of fats is also avoided by removing atmospheric oxygen. In this way, the color of the sausage is optimized, so that it looks fresh and tasty for a long time.

As the density of the cut mass increases under vacuum, even the smallest cell clusters are sieved. On the one hand, the emulsion becomes even finer, more homogeneous, and absolutely free of froth, while on the other hand, significantly more protein is broken down. The increased protein yield allows more substances that supply flavor to be released and increases the binding and stability of the emulsion. More water can be added. The finished sausage has a more intense flavor, a stronger bite and a higher filling becomes possible.

The special design principle of the Seydelmann bowl cutter, with the small air space between the emulsion and the underside of the cover, allows vacuum extraction in the shortest possible time and requires very little gas volume for re-gasping.

Seydelmann butcher bowl cutters in 60 liter and 120-liter bowl sizes are also available with a cooking function.

commercial bowl cutter

Bowl Cutter saves production time because cooking and cutting are done in one work step. Additional components, eg. Cover heating or direct steam injection; help reduces operation time even more.

The taste, aroma, and proteins that are lost when cooked in water are completely retained in the cooking cutter.

The loss of substance is also avoided while cooking in the Katori cutter.

In addition, by avoiding various operations and cooking under the exclusion of air, the amount of bacteria in the emulsion is significantly reduced. The final product retains its natural, authentic taste and its shelf life is extended.

Vacuum bowl cutter sizes are available

Available in 60, 120, 200, and 750L liter sizes, Seydelmann Vacuum Bowl Cutters combine both functions and thus are even more efficient and also enhance product quality.

Vacuum Bowl Cutter Machine K 64

The Seydelmann Vacuum bowl Cutter machine guarantees a fast and smooth reduction and emulsification of the product thanks to the knife head with 6 knives and the flow dynamically shaped lid. The components of all Seydelmann bowl cutter Machines comply with the up-to-date technical development and contribute to an increase in product quality

Bowl Cutter Machine design

The machine frame of the K 64 is almost entirely made of solid stainless steel. All edges are rounded and all surfaces are polished very precisely and designed with a slope enabling cleaning water to drain completely from all surfaces. The embedded covers and the closed bottom with ventilation prevent pollution and water from entering the machine. The knife hood is flowed dynamically shaped. Hardly any without chopped product residue is left in the cover. The gap between the knives and the cover or the bowl is very small.

Vacuum Function of Bowl Cutter Machine

Cutting under vacuum, a firm emulsion free of air with a volume reduction of 5-7% is produced. Therefore, an even better fineness of the product is achieved. Thanks to the exclusion of air, the final product gains a significantly longer shelf life. A better protein extraction increases the moisture and fat absorption of the product improving the development of the flavor of spices next to the better binding and stability of the final product.

Applications of Bowl Cutter Machine

Besides the production of boiled-, dry- and cooked sausage, the universally applicable machine is suitable in particular for the chopping, mixing and emulsification of fresh meat, pre-cut frozen meat, cooked meat, fish, vegetables, meat substitute products made from plant-based proteins, fruits, confectionery goods, and other edibles at temperatures from -12 °C (10 °F) up to 85 °C (185 °F).

Cooking-Function of Bowl Cutter Machine

The Commercial bowl Cutter Machine is heated up by hot steam from a nozzle system installed below the bowl. Enormous time savings can be achieved thanks to cooking and cutting in one step. The production time can be further reduced using additional heating for the knife hood. An increase of approximately 10% in the volume of the material as well as the complete preservation of taste, aroma, and protein is possible. Cooling is optionally available via a nozzle system.

Technical Details of Bowl Cutter Machine:

Bowl Content: 60 Liters

Weight: 1650 - 1800 kg | 3637 - 3968 lbs

Loading options: Manually

Power of motor: rasant, ultra: 12 kW / 16 HP

rasant v, ultra v: 17 kW / 23 HP

rasant vs, ultra vs: 21 kW / 28 HP AC-8: 40 kW / 54 HP

chopped salami sausage

Additional equipment

■ Hydraulic loading device

■ Control of unbalanced state

■ Various knife systems

■ Up to 9 switch-offs for temperature and operating time

■ Cabel duct

■ Variable adjustment of knife speed (only with AC-motor)

■ 4 bowl speeds, steplessly adjustable (only with AC-Motor)

■ Water nozzles with water meter

■ Liquids dosing system with nozzle

■ Fast clamping nut for knives

■ Ejector with variable speeds

■ Lock of noise-absorbing cover

■ Cover damping for noise-absorbing cover

■ Noise insulation version

Standard equipment

■ Vacuum- and/or Cooking-Function

■ Operation via cross lever switches

■ Changeable and balanceable knife head

■ Hydraulic main cover

■ See-through noise-absorbing cover made of special plastic

■ Ejector

■ Separate electrical cabinet made of stainless steel with integrated main switch

■ Switch-off for temperature and operating time

■ Temperature sensor

■ Noise insulation

■ Water drain screw

■ Greasing point

Control: Command 1500

■ Digital display for gear, knife speed, running time, temperature, bowl speed, time

■ Stepless pre-programming of knife speeds (only with AC-Motor)

■ Switch-off automatic system for temperature and running time

■ Service and maintenance indication

■ Individual user administration

■ Waterproof stainless steel box

Optional Auto-Command 2000, 3000, 4000

■ Data recording

■ Service module

■ Recipe calculator

■ Production plan

■ User-friendly and logical Design

■ Second workstation away from the production possible

■ Indication of all technical parameters

■ Waterproof stainless steel box

Motor types


■ 6 steplessly programmable knife speeds

■ 2 reverse mixing speeds

■ 2 separate bowl speeds

■ Frequency-controlled 3-phase motor


■ 2 knife speeds

■ 2 forward mixing speeds

■ On request: 2 reverse mixing speeds

■ 2 separate bowl speeds

■ All drive systems with 3-phase motors


■ 2 knife speeds

■ 2 bowl speeds

■ All drive systems with 3-phase motors

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