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Meat Cutting Machine – Bone Saw Machine latest price in India

We, Dr. Frob India India Pvt. Ltd. offer you a wide range of meat cutting machine models with pulleys ranging from 200 to 450 mm. We can also supply them with products with larger dimensions reaching up to 700 mm in width and 550 mm in height.

Dr. Froeb (I) Pvt. Ltd. is represented by more than 30 companies from Europe and the USA and enjoys more than 85% market share for supplying equipment to the Food/Meat processing, dairy, bakery & packaging sector.

It has a qualified and experienced Sales & Marketing team backed up by an efficiently skilled, trained & expert engineering team. We also undertake plant and equipment installation, supply of spares, to do after-sales service, and more.

Skilled professionals at Dr. Froeb India work as a team to achieve the highest quality products using the best technology. Our continuous efforts and innovations make a product possible that meets the needs of the present and future market.

What is the Best Commercial Meat Cutting Machine?

A bone saw machine is a meat & bone cutting machine specially designed for cutting freezing meat and bones into smaller pieces. Put the bones or meat to be cut between the push slab and saw belt. Lift the meat feeding handle with the left hand and push the material to the stop plate with the right hand.

Meat Cutting Machine – Bone Saw Machine latest price in India

Scope of Bone Sawing Machine

The Machine I not only used for sawing freeze of the Fish, whole pigs, cattle, sheep, and other livestock bones. But you can use it for a small piece of frozen meat, fish cutting, pork, or bone cutting. It is used in a wide range of food processing industries, hotels, and restaurants.

It is a European well-reputed company with more than 40 years and has experience and manufacturing machinery for the meat, fish, and food industries.

The company is renowned worldwide for its cold and fresh meat slicers, with a wide range of machines for optimizing professional cuts, for cutting meat, cutting bones, and cutting frozen products.

If you want to know about the Commercial Meat cutting Machine price in India, fish cutting machine price in India & bone saw machine price in India.

We are looking for bulk inquiries from all over India. Dr. Froeb India has a wide range of meat cutting machines & supplies all over India. You can be called that machine bone saw machine, meat band saw, tabletop meat band saw, and many others names. I am going to tell you about the 2 HP, and 3 HP bone saw machines in the Article.

Technical Specifications of Meat cutting machine

  • Meat Cutting Machine Table Top Model ST 270

  • Bone Saw Cutter for Meat Industries

  • Robust 18/10 stainless steel construction

  • Automatic preset tension control

  • Easy cleaning with water pressure

  • Detachable cleaners for easy cleaning, without the use of tools

  • Protection index IP65

  • Blade length 1985 mm

Suitable for: Bones Cutting, Fresh-Chilled Meat & Frozen Meat Cutting. If you want to know about the 2 hp bone saw machine price in India then call us

A large number of people around the world like to eat meat. It is healthy, tasty, and can be readily available. However, cutting the edible chunks of large meat is not as easy as we think it might be. Meat shops use a variety of saws and tools to cut large pieces of meat into smaller pieces. Professional meat shop owners know that it will not be possible to prepare small pieces of meat on a large scale if they use common equipment. They need a band seen for the meat, which can cut large pieces of meat into smaller pieces of meat. Below is the way to find the best meat band.

Which is the best Commercial meat cutting machine?

Medoc Table Top Meat Band Saw Model STL 350 F, 2 HP Electric Bone Cutting Machine, 3 HP Commercial Frozen Meat Slicer, 2.5 HP bone cutting machine

Know the types of the Bone Saw Machine

As the demand for meat is increasing, the demand for meat saws is increasing. Spotted meat can be available in two different types, the first saw meat band and the second meat known as a slicer. Both these meat saws are differentiated according to their functions. Professional meat vendors use both types of cutting tools to process and pack meat. Suppose you are planning to open a meat shop, then you should know about both types of meat saws.

Blade description of meat band saw machine

Band saws used to cut meat are capable of cutting large pieces of meat into smaller pieces. These band saws are widely used in industries, where employees process large amounts of meat daily and make pieces of meat for packing and sale. Professionals typically use two types of meat band saw blades. The butcher band saw blade is the first type of meat saw blade, mainly used for cutting bones and frozen meat. It cuts off bone and pieces of frozen meat quite easily. The scalloped edge band saw blade is used to cut a piece of meat. These blades cut pieces of meat more accurately than butchers.

Bone Saw Machine Price or Meat Cutting Machine Price in India

Motor Power Min Price Max Price
0.5 hp Bone saw 100000 150000
1 hp Bone saw 150000 200000
1.5 hp Bone saw 200000 250000
2 hp Bone saw 250000 300000
3 hp Bone saw 300000 350000
How Meat or Fish Cutting machine does Work?

Ans: To know the meat cutting machine work process click on the given link and know about the work Process of the meat or fish cutting machine.

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