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Meat Cutting Machine for frozen Fish and Bone Cutting

We supply heavy-duty, high-performance bone saw machines with many different dimensions and tooth configurations. Thanks to our unique profile grinding technology, we ensure that our blades have the sharpness needed to effectively cut all types of frozen fish. Our machine blades are designed to meet the high demands of the fishing industry for long cycle life, straight cuts, and minimal waste.

Cutting frozen tuna directly from the freezer is a typical application where our bone saws excel.

Our butcher bone grinder is an essential tool in the butcher shop and meat industry. We have floor-standing bone saw machines and tabletop bone saw machines. The former is larger and more powerful; the other is smaller in size which allows them to be placed on the table as you can see in these images from one of our customers:

Features of STL-480 of Bone Saw Machine

bone saw machine

Bone saw machines for the meat and fish industries are particularly robust to large meat processing facilities and easy operating procedures. Which you can call meat cutting machine, fish cutting machine, bone cutting machine.

· The design eases a good integration on the different lines of the cutting process.

· Robust 18/10 stainless steel construction.

· Stainless steel pulleys with double flap.

· Automatic process of tension control.

· Safety device to stop the running blade in 4 seconds.

· On-off switch with emergency stop button, IP65.

· Safety device when opening the door.

· No volt release system.

· Manufacturing of blade on the right and left-hand side.

· Easy cleaning with water pressure.

· A one-piece body construction to ease the better cleaning on a uniform platform.

· Detachable cleaners for easy cleaning, without the use of tools.

· Scrapers for pulley cleaning purposes on the cutting process

Meat Cutting Machine Guide with the Different Positions

Possibility of supplying the saw with a collapsible tool with stainless steel rollers placed on the table. Both rollers and roller supports can be detached for cleaning. Once the accessory is disassembled, the saw can be used as a fixed table saw, and one can work with 2 options.

Ideal for meat cutting product lengthwise, it can be adjusted to various gripping angles: 35º, 45º, and 55º. Depending on the dimensions of the product, the length and number of rollers can be customized according to customer needs

Water Colling in meat cutting Machine (Bone saw)

Possibility of supplying the saw with a collapsing device with stainless steel rollers that is placed on the table. On both the top and bottom, a stream of water comes out to facilitate cutting the product.

Entire carriage with double thickness limit

The possibility of placing an entire cart on a table, where both the product and the piece being cut slide on the same surface.

With this option, once the product is cut, the piece is returned to the cut operator, making handling easier. With this option, the sliding carriage is supplied with a range of 2 lateral thicknesses to cut 2 different sizes with no need to adjust the saw

Double Thickness Limit

Possibility to supply the bone saw machine with a table that has a large surface area, equipped with 2 thickness ranges for double-cut sizes. These thickness limits can be placed at the required length and height to accommodate the product to be cut.

Adjustable Thickness Limit

Bone saw machine can be supplied with an endless screw with an adjustable thickness range. The ideal choice for making highly precise cuts using a table-marked ruler to set the thickness range at the desired measurement.

Bias Cut Half Carriage

Possibility of placing a carriage on the table where the carriage wing is rotated, so the product may be cut at different bias angles, from 0 to 45º.

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