Turbomat T3000 Smokehouse


Quality out of tradition

Very small weight loss, short process times, low maintenance and operating costs: The T3000 by FESSMANN is one of the most successful universal systems in the world. It permits the production of high piece numbers in best and uniform quality as cost-efficiently as possible – while confidently mastering the challenges of modern butchers' operations!

Advantages of Smokehouse

Completely made of stainless steel with a low construction height
Automatic cleaning aid serially installed
Various heating types for selection
Optionally with a climate package for optimal maturation
Smooth circulation blower for the consistent smoking climate in the entire system and best smoking results
Modular build for flexible expansion up to 6 trolleys
Can be combined with any smoke generator from the RATIO-family.


Industrial system Ti3000 Smokehouse

More flavour, more weight, more FESSMANN

The industrial system Ti3000 will get more than 1.5% more yield as compared to other systems - at the tried and tested FESSMANN quality! Completely made of stainless steel and built steam-tight out of panels, the Ti3000 is universally usable according to your specific needs. The central unit technology also convinces with its flexibility and best circulation air outputs at short process times.

Advantages of Smokehouse

  • Panel construction and central unit technology for best air and process outputs

  • Higher flexibility in implementation of customer-specific product requirements by smooth fan speeds

  • Higher system capacities by faster process times = higher yield

  • Use of all known supply trolleys for industrial use possible

  • Use of "over-length" supply trolleys and transport frames

  • Automatic door opener serially included

  • Automatic CIP cleaning system serially included