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Vacuum Meat Tumbler - Vacuum Meat tumbler Mixer Latest Price.

Updated: 5 days ago

We are engaged in offering the best quality Vacuum Meat Tumblers (MPR -500) which are highly appreciated by the customers for their superior quality and reliability. These tumblers have three-stage timers that allow one.

I am going to tell you about the HighTech Meat Tumbler Mixer Machine.


Features of Commercial Meat tumbler or Mixer Machine

It has a 500 L container and can hold about 375 kg of meat.

Tablet control

Motorized lid

100% container insulation

Direct cooling system

Container swiveling

Stainless steel air canal cooled

Feed system

Counter-rotating mixing arm

Scraper click assembly

Quick arm fastening

Certificate of inspection

What is the Vacuum Meat tumbler Machine

Vacuum Meat Tumblers remove air from the barrel and pull moisture and marinade to the food's core. The Vacuum meat tumbler motion flips marinade continuously onto food, massaging it into the meat to produce a moist, flavorful product every time. Meat tumbler Machine can be extremely beneficial in marinating meat for the added moisture retention plus the reduced time frame required to marinate meat. To Know about the Meat tumbler price click the given link above.

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